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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Print Designers: Finding The Best For Your Business

There has long since been a debate over the importance of traditional media; do we really need print in a world increasingly dominated by all things online? although I can’t provide a definitive answer to this what I can say is this; in the time of our grandparents radio was the primary medium of entertainment but when television came along people soon began to believe it was fast on its way out yet decades later radio is still very much going strong. The premise is simple; just because something new has come along doesn’t necessarily mean that our traditional ways must go.

For this reason, to this day in the face of Facebook marketing, mail shots and Twitter trending, for many businesses the need for and the level of success obtained by print marketing methods cannot be ignored.

Although print may not work for all business or be considered a viable use of advertising spend particularly as the lack of tracking and analytics may deem it unreliable; for many businesses the right print material like print services Phoenix is integral to an overall marketing campaign.

From leaflets to product magazines and catalogues; both big named corporations, retailers and even the new SME’s are openly embracing print marketing. From the design to the actual print process however, it is important to ensure that you work with the right team of print specialists.

As with online marketing, print design requires experience, skill and understanding which cannot be so easily achieved without an experienced agency but how do you know you have made the right choice? Whether new to print design or considering switching from your current choice of agency; the below tips might help you to get a better understanding of just what makes a good print agency…

Reputation– If there is one thing we can be certain of, it is that in today’s instantly connected world nothing stays secret for long, particularly a mistake which is why it is important to research your chosen agency’s reputation. Mistakes, poor service and a lack of skill won’t stay hidden so do some digging. There are a number of print design agencies whose reputations speak volume so ask to look at the type of projects they have worked on, the number of and type of business client, the skill set and the quality of the work that has been produced, you could even go so far as to ask for client reviews which are sure to give you a true insight into the agency. A good reputation says it all and if you find an agency that has one; it will definitely work in your favour.

Age– They say that age is but a number but in the business world it is so much more. The longer a business has been in operation the more successful it may potentially be, after-all with competition increasing, a recession and business owners far less likely to spend on marketing; an agency that has stood the test of time is no doubt one that has produced quality work, provided unquestionable service and helped numerous businesses to achieve results. Ask your chosen print design agency about how many years they have been in operation, the number of clients and of course client turnover in those years to gauge a good insight into how they work.

Portfolio– With so many design agencies vying for your attention and determined to get your business you have to be aware of how to distinguish between those who can talk the talk and those who can walk the walk. No design agency should shy away from showing off a portfolio of past work and even producing a sample in order to show you just what they can do. Getting a good understanding of the skill and potential of the agency is a great way to determine whether or not they are a right fit for you.